the basics of safe digital asset management

From private key management to asset insurance, we provide a corporate professional Custody Service Solution that provides the most secure protection for your digital assets.

Asset storage status 31/12/2020
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Decentralization of digital asset execution

Since multi-authorization solutions are withdrawn after obtaining the consent of multiple people, it can decentralize the authority to execute funds within the enterprise and prevent the loss of the customer's assets due to malicious behavior of the corporate insider.

Offline key storage

Enterprise customers' backup keys are stored in Custody-base vaults andnever exposed online.

Direct withdrawal from wallet owner

When a digital asset is withdrawn, the owner is authenticated through the security token sent to the owner's mobile phone, and the owner directly withdraws the digital asset on the blockchain, so no one other than the owner can be related to the withdrawal of an individual's digital asset.

Digital asset insurance

If your private key is held by Custody-base, you are entitled to $100million in compensation insurance. Insurance is applied in the following cases:

  • Hacking from third party, copying or pirate of private keys
  • Corporate internal pirate or dishonest behavior
  • Lost key
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