We Are

Custody-Base provides cryptographic software that allows service users to trade cryptocurrency based on trust.

We provide data protection and privacy in a more secure way to manage and protect encryption keys.

Custody-Base's software is designed and optimized for security and privacy of services such as cryptocurrency storage wallets, public or private blockchain applications.

Our History

The Custody-Base team was founded in 2019 as a new corporation.

Change of corporate name - Corporate change to Custody
C.B won the “Seed” category at FinTech Philippines Award 2020. In short, the jury has expressed enthusiasm for a reliable and scalable solution in one of the next big technology segments.
Launch of insurance products-In order to completely protect assets from external hacking, we have entered into an insurance contract in the Philippines.
Cold Wallet - We launched Cold Wallet, a complementary product that is completely offline and stored in an air gap. Ultimate security with multi-signature and hardware wallet.
Partnership with PLDT - C.B officially works with PLDT to increase the scalability of PLDT and Base Custody Suite. C.B is also registered as a PLDT partner.
Government support - C.B received government subsidies for being at the forefront of Blockchain.
Product launch - After months of research, testing and evaluation, the first module of our infrastructure, Wallet as a Service (online/hot wallet), has been successfully launched.
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